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Maximise productivity.
Minimise production time.

We are the recognised partner and reseller for DiSTI Corporation, a leader in the production of virtual training solutions because of their proven, patented, database-driven development process and productivity tools. Industry leading OEMs that demand the highest level of fidelity and accuracy rely on our powerful virtual training devices. Below are the tools your team needs to collaborate, build, and refine at every iteration.

Analyze. Develop. Build. Test. Render. The production process that will provide the right results.

Delivering more capability than a game engine, VE Studio comprehensively manages environment development beginning with project requirement identification and analysis, and continues through source data collection, automatic code generation, software build automation, and automated regression testing. Our proven process is so unique, we were awarded a patent.

The developer’s choice for performance, fidelity, and reliability.

GL Studio delivers high fidelity, feature-rich 2D and 3D graphical interfaces. Its flexible development environment supports industry standard 2D and 3D file formats, compatibility with modern 3D graphics hardware, and an industry leading runtime engine. Leading display developers trust GL Studio to deliver cockpit instruments, dashboard displays, controls, and full immersive cockpit environments quickly and easily.

Complete systems, immersive environments.

Platform level training focuses on training the student on complete systems; entire vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, etc. Maintenance procedures focus on troubleshooting systems along with their inter-dependencies and resolving procedures down to a faulty component.

All of our platform level trainers utilise our patented work flow and include the virtual environment, simulation engine, and instructor control station.