What We Do


What We Do

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Drawing on our collective experience, the PeakVTS team is able to provide support and guidance at the early stages of the decision-making cycle, in order to identify the best areas suited to the use of virtual training solutions as part of the blend of media employed in training delivery.

Our technology and learning experts are able to support Training Needs and Training Media Analysis across a wide range of technical training subjects. The team is especially well versed in the application of technology to improve the effectiveness of training delivery, while remaining within budgets and providing an approach that is scalable across any organisational structure.

PeakVTS is agnostic to any particular technology and adopts an open approach to the integration of virtual training systems. This impartial philosophy allows us to remain at the forefront of technological innovation and deliver solutions that meet the training need. An important distinction.

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3D Interactive eLearning

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Leveraging our experience in developing Virtual Maintenance Trainers, we have applied the same concepts and technology to web-based eLearning applications. An approach that combines virtual technologies with eLearning. A new way.

Fully interactive 3D simulations for technical applications can be delivered to a large number of users across existing Learning Management System deployments, using WebGL and virtualisation technologies. These applications do not require additional client side software or browser plugins and will work across a number of modern web browsers such as Google Chrome. Content can be bespoke or repurposed from a full Virtual Maintenance Training solution, thereby, delivering savings in development time and implementation costs.

A 3D interactive module can be reused across different parts of the an online course, with little or no modifications. Open standards such as SCORM are supported as well as integration with common Learning Management System platforms such as Moodle. Any content can be rapidly updated with minimum cost, and the tools and training can be delivered to in-house teams in order to reduce ongoing reliance on third party developers to update and maintain learning content.

This approach to online learning has been used for applications across Aerospace, Defence, and other industries. Previous projects include web applications for aerospace and defence systems training.

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User Interface Development

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Working with common standards and tools, PeakVTS has a track record for delivering User Interface applications for both live and simulation applications.

The software engineering team at PeakVTS is experienced in the development of User Interface applications and integration with simulation or live systems to support large and complex projects with prime system integrators. Applications use open technologies wherever possible are modular to ensure compatibility and simplify future upgrades.

Previous projects include ground control stations for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and replication of aircraft cockpit displays to support the development of high fidelity simulators for pilot training.

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Virtual Maintenance Trainers

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The potential exploitation of Virtual Maintenance Training (VMTs) is significant and PeakVTS is at the forefront of innovation in this field. Our team are currently developing a number of Virtual Maintenance Training solutions for customers across the Aerospace and Defence sectors.

PeakVTS is able to deliver technical training applications across a multitude of specialisations, covering mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and systems troubleshooting. Increasingly we see training requirements for physical systems that work with embedded software. In this respect we are able to deliver full Virtual Maintenance Training solutions that combine the replication of the physical systems with user interface and software system emulations to provide representative training for the complete system.

VMTs are traditionally delivered within a fixed classroom environment. PeakVTS are developing technologies that allow for the virtualisation of the Virtual Maintenance Training application itself, meaning that the training application is not tied to a single location but can be streamed to users across a site or multiple geographic locations. This approach also provides interoperability benefits as the virtualized application is not as depended on the client side hardware or software standard. Complex Virtual Maintenance Training applications can be deployed to mobile devices and web-based e-learning systems.

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